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04.08.2007: Major site update

This website has been superceeded by the new version 2, please go there as this place is already vastly outdated.

30.09.2006: Nothing Special Update. 92 new/updated sets, 1307 sets total

Like I've said, there's nothing special about this update, just another bunch of games here and there. Sorry for not adding any arcade sets, I've been quite busy with other things lately (like getting an academic degree and stuff).

New stuff in PC98 and PC88 sections. Get the while they're still hot. :)

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15.07.2006: Special Dragon Quest Update. 135 new/updated sets, 1229 sets total

Once again, a new Hoot version with minor fixes, as usual get it on the Hoot's homepage. Some nice additions this time, especially the WAVE writing thingy.

Too tired to list what's new, just about every section got updated. Also, to commemorate me finally buying Dragon Quest 8, I've added just about every DQ game that Hoot supports. Head to the FAQ page for more info on adding the SNES ones, the rest should be in the Other section.

See ya next time. :)

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30.04.2006: Ridge Racer Update. 238 new/updated sets, 1097 sets total

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? Here's to breaking 1000 sets barrier. :)

There's a new Hoot version with minor fixes, as usual get it on the Hoot's homepage.

Once again a big update, with lotsa different stuff to choose from. Most of them are PC98 games, though they are a few PC88 and X68000 ones as well.

I've also started adding arcade games that Hoot supports, but won't host the sets for these as they are large and easy to find (current MAME roms will do, unfortunately M1 sets won't be 100% compatible, as RBelmont hasn't updated his player in a while). There is one game (Ace Driver) that requires minor rom modification to run in Hoot, I've put an IPS patch that will do it in the Other section. I've also compiled a Romcenter datafile with Hoot's arcade roms currently supported. Might be useful, get it on the Files section.

Don't forget about the latest ini enhancements, or you're gonna miss out alot. I've trimmed just about every XML file, adding consistent titling scheme, there are also new track translations here and there. More to come I guess.

Thanks a lot to all the people that helped with this update, and sorry it took so long. See you next time.

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14.02.2006: Valetine's Day H update #2. 166 new/updated sets, 874 sets total

Another big update. Only PC98 games this time, most of them were taken from Kurohane Seisakusho Hoot site, thanks a lot for your hard work! I had plans for lots of other games, but due to various reasons, couldn't make it in time. Maybe next month.

Anyway I hope you will like the new additions, there are some really sweet songs here. There are also some fixes here and there, and a whole slew of additional song data.

Remember to get the newest ini enhancements, and, well, happy listening (hopefully with your significant other).

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14.01.2006: New Year, New Hoot version, Hoot Archive H Update. 259 new/updated sets, 713 sets total

Yah, you know the drill. New Hoot version. Get it on the Hoot's homepage.

And the biggest site update ever. Over *250* new sets, lotsa additions to the ini enhancements, updates in every set section, and one new section added (containing misc systems, mainly FM Towns and FM-7/FM-77AV sets)

A lot of groovy songs this time around, simply too much to recomend something here. Get them all and listen to them yourselves, it's worth it. And don't be put off that they are mostly from H games, the music's mighty good most of the time.

More track translations, most by Eien ni Hen, Yu-No tracklist translated by niki (with minor fixes by me).

This update wouldn't be possible without the help of Danjuro, Datschge, JRK, Perkinson5000 and KingShriek. Thanks a lot, guys!.

See you next month, I'm off to get some sleep.

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13.12.2005: Special Christmas Update. 120 new sets, 479 sets total

Christmas is coming so we have a special update for all of you Falcom fans.

More than a hundred new sets. There's one new section with a single MSX set (though it won't be alone for long, that I can promise). And there are updates for every other section, along with new ini enhancements.

You might notice, that some of the track titles have been translated to English. This has been done by the lovely Eien Ni Hen, let's give her a nice round of applause. Expect more track translations in the next update. What's more, I've added English game names to all available sets. No more browsing through countless question signs!

Speaking of question signs, the FAQ section should be online. That should answer most of your potential questions. ;)

This update wouldn't be possible without the help of Datschge, niki and Ryo Cokey, who provided some of the games to rip from. Thanks a lot, guys!.

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16.11.2005: Yet Another Massive Update. 46 new sets, 358 sets total

So yeah, I've been busy lately. As a result another update for all of you. Almost 50 new sets (3 in PC-88 section, the rest in PC-98 section).

I've also added a link to the newest ini enhancements, and separated the drum samples as another download. Should be somewhere to the left in the files section. And yes, I've changed quite a bit in the ini, so you'll have to download it again (no need for the drum samples, if you've got them from the previous update).

Happy listening!

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11.11.2005: Wolfteam/Touhou update. 25 new sets, 314 sets total

Okay, it's a Polish Independence Day today, and to commemorate this, I've put a *massive* update for all of you.

First of all I've ripped almost all PC98 games from Wolfteam (thanks to Datschge for providing the games). If you're a Motoi Sakuraba fan, you will be overjoyed by this - lots of great music for you here. Please note, that some of the shorter songs in some games may sound a bit strange (they will loop in the strangest moments). Not sure if it's something I did, or if it's Hoot's fault.

Moving on, the second part of the update consists of a few PMD games. Brandish 1 & 2 (sweet, sweet Falcom goodness) and Touhou PC98 games. Get the Touhou ones, even if you're here for your Sakuraba-fix! Heck, forget about Sakuraba, just get them. They are that good.

You may notice that even though the company that made Touhou games is near the beginning of the alphabet (Amusement Makers, see), Hoot will display them near the letter 'P'. Yeah, it's supposed to be that way (a bug in Hoot's handling of XML files). Nothing I can do about this. Anyways, get them all on the PC-98 sets page.

And finally, I've included the latest ini enhancements. This one adds the PMD games, one Wolfteam game that was left out and includes the drum samples, used in some OPNA sets (newly added Hiouden 2 for example).

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10.11.2005: New hoot version. 6 new sets, 289 sets total

Okay, a new hoot version was released few days ago. Get it on the Hoot's homepage, also a new version of the ini enhancements was released. Much smaller in size at that.

I've also ripped 6 new sets: Goh 2, Suzaku and Zan 2 (all for the Wolfteam PC98 driver) and Princess Maker 2, Rusty and Slayers (for the PMD driver). All are available on the top of the PC-98 sets page. Expect some new sets quite soon - the PMD driver is a godsend :)

Any questions? Feel free to contact me

20.10.2005: Grand Opening. 283 sets total

This site deals with multisound emulator Hoot. Hoot let's you play the music from games from old Japanese PCs. Stuff like NEC's PC8801 andd PC-98, or Sharp X68000. Some of the bettern known VGM composers grew up on those systems. Yuzo Koshiro, Hitoshi Sakamoto, Koichi Sugiyama or Motoi Sakuraba to name but a few.

If that perked your interest, feel free to stay here for a while and download to your heart's content. The site's still a WIP at the moment, but (hopefully) it's gonna get better and bigger.

Anyways, to get you started, head to the Hoot's homepage, get the file hoot20050924.cab (first link), extract its contents to a folder of your choice, get the current Hoot ini and extract its contents to the same folder. Presto, you should have a working Hoot setup.

Now, download some sets from this site, put them in the corresponding folder, and listen, listen, listen.

Oh, and if anyone has questions concerning the site, Hoot or the like, or if you want to contribute a missing set (which would be really swelle), feel free to mail me.

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