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Baten Kaitos 2
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Baten Kaitos 2

Liner Notes (Motoi Sakuraba)

After finishing the composition of the first Baten Kaitos soundtrack I hoped that a sequel would be released. I was happy for the fulfilment of my hopes, but the composition had become a difficult task. For example the battle themes were not a problem because I was told to keep the same style of the previous ones, but for the other themes I didn't know if I should have followed the same image or created a completely new one.

I think that both who played with the first title and who kindly purchased the first soundtrack will understand what has been maintained and what is new.

The main theme, that is the song, is the piece I like best. The lyrics is in Italian since I thought Japanese does not fit the concept. First I had the lyrics written, then translated to Italian. The composition and the lyrics were made at the same time and so I wrote the piece without knowing the lyrics and the lyrics were written without having listened to the melody. The singer is my daughter.

She was nine-year-old at the time, and she brilliantly bore the special pressure of the recording.

I would like to congratulate her that no effects had been used for making the voice more beautiful, as used so much recently.

For several reasons this song is particularly precious for me and for my family. The parts that have been live performed are: violin, oboe, flute, distortion guitar, the opera-like solo voice and the weird laughs of my daughter’s music teacher, and the piano in my house.

I will be very happy if this music will leave something in your hearts.

I hope an arrange album will be released.

(Translated by Andrea Mardegan)

"Le Ali del Principio" Lyrics

Words by Yuko Sakuraba, Italian translation by Andrea Mardegan
Con le mani colme di fiori raccoltiWith my hands full of collected flowers
li lascio su questo lagoI put them on the lake
La luce, nel buio, si specchia nell' acquaThe light, in darkness, is reflecting on water
e le lune, ecco, son dueAnd the moon, here, is two
Se offro tanti fiori rosaIf I offer so many pink flowers
alla luna che brillaTo the shining moon
inizierà il viaggioHe will begin the journey
Sale il vento, il bosco cantaI climb on the wind, the woods are singing
La luce della luna mi guida, sicura,The moonlight, sure, is guiding me
verso il prossimo mondoTo the next world
Ma anche se cancelleràBut even if he vanishes
tutto di biancoAll in white
non ho pauraI'm not afraid
perché qui sonoBecause here they are


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