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Cyber Bi-Shoujo Telomere
 · Liner Notes
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Cyber Bi-Shoujo Telomere

Cyber Bi-Shoujo Telomere was the part of Asahi TV's Weekende Drama series which ran from April 4th to June 27th in 1998. It is the only part of the Weekend Drama series to get its own soundtrack (Cutting Edge, CTCR-16027).


Liner Notes

"Sakuraba Never Ceases to Amaze" by Go Nakajima, Asahi TV Producer/Director

Motoi Sakuraba always composes new songs incredibly fast. Even with all the stuff that's "programmed" in by computer, his pace is mind-boggling when you consider the sheer number of tracks he turns out. However, what amazes me even more is the high quality. If it was just a matter of speed, then anyone could do it. But Sakuraba's musicianship, his orchestration, the variety found in his motifs, his sense of rhythm, and his concept of tone inspire a truly profound sense of admiration deep inside me. Someday I'd like for him to write a score just for himself and conduct it with a full orchestra.

In this, his current project, he's been specifically asked not to portray having psychic abilities as heroic, but as brimming with images of sorrow. Using one's psychic abilities to fight is indeed a sad, futile thing...

I'm deeply grateful to everyone involved in the release of this soundtrack. I hope lots of people listen to the work of "Cyber Composer Sakuraba."

Translation by Eien Ni Hen


  1. 3:21 Fusion ~Shu~
  2. 1:31 Awakening ~Seventeen~
  3. 6:26 Asagi and Satoru ~True Love~
  4. 1:16 Gene ~Kadokura~
  5. 4:05 Telomere 1
  6. 2:15 Plan ~Plot~
  7. 2:10 Courage, Hope, Light ~Alive~
  8. 6:00 Destruction ~Death~
  9. 1:31 Lena ~ Psychokinesis
  10. 2:45 Power ~E.S.P.~
  11. 1:12 Insanity ~ Psychoraper
  12. 0:56 DIALOGUE
  13. 1:11 Itsumi ~Reading~
  14. 1:26 Telomere 2
  15. 2:27 Crime ~Help~
  16. 2:28 Future ~Destiny~
  17. 4:34 Sai ~ Psi
  18. 2:03 Telomere 3
  19. 1:43 Change ~Metamorphose~
  20. 4:30 Blast Running ~Clash~
  21. 2:20 A Friend ~ Friends
  22. 4:53 Network ~Cyber Heat~
  23. 2:50 Asagi ~ Sunrise
  24. 4:24 Now, Eternity (Crested Ibis)
  25. 1:37 Data Track