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Tales of Destiny PS2
Liner Notes
 · Motoi Sakuraba
 · Shinji Tamura
 · Namco Tales Studio (ナムコ・テイルズスタジオ)

Tales of Destiny PS2

Liner Notes

Motoi Sakuraba

Since this game is a remake, we use the arrangements of the original game's music. I tried hard to keep the atmosphere same as before, and I think I schemed in various ways; intentionally drawing cheapness of the sequenced music era, arranging string sections newly, and rendering in a larger-scale while keeping the previous textures.

Also, various FMV and event sequences have not only the original music, but new compositions. I scored FMV themes as usual to fit the way the scenes change.

I think you can enjoy this soundtrack as an arranged album of the original as well.

Shinji Tamura

It's Decemeber 1997 when ToD was released, gee, so 9 years has passed since then.

This time, music is released in the form of remaking, and as of now, giving a new listen to it, I get overwhelmed with nostalgia. More than that I however get full of shame, which honestly is my bottom line. The soundtrack, per se, fits each sequence very well and I'm fond of the melodies, yet frankly I can't help but feel something lame about the arrangement side of things and instruments use. So, I would have been improved to some extent for these 9 years. (laughter)

The opening themes of "Tales of..." series have been sung by many artists so far, but DEEN's "Yume de Aruyouni", the opening theme of Destiny, still has been the most memorable one for me, and is my personal favourite.

Starting with Phantasia in 1995, afterward many Tales of series entries, including Destiny, have been continuously released. I, however, could say the origin of "Tales of..." series for me is Destiny in a sense, considering the developing members and whatnot. In this regard, this is also something I have a special feeling for.

After all, though gamemusic now has every genre and pattern at this moment, I think ToD is an orthodox form of an RPG music. To a game, sound is a principal supporting cast as a role of enhancing it. I hope I continue to compose music with which we could recall the scenes of the game 10 years later.

This time, thanks for purchasing the soundtrack.


(Tales Studio staff only, transcription from » youtube video, Director's Cut only has » minor variations)

Namco Tales Studio (ナムコ・テイルズスタジオ)