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Sound Staff Comment
 · Motoi Sakuraba
 · Shinji Tamura
Tales of Rebirth staff
 · Namco Tales Studio staff
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Sound Staff Comment

Motoi Sakuraba

This time I was in charge of the composition and the execution of the internal synthesizer, the music and the mixing of the movie scenes. Concerning the synthesizer, I spent more time than the previous PS2 work because I wanted to do better.

However, even this time, it was not possible to use freely any kind of sound as for any RPG, but I think that the brass sound is quite good anyway. Since I was asked to use an orchestra-like sound for TOR, both sound and melodies follow such an atmosphere. I particularly like the synthesizer sound of the orchestra pieces for it is rather deep.

The most difficult task was the mixing of the movie-scene pieces. I had to work at night because of the short time available. Furthermore it took more time to write the movie pieces in order to fit them to the scenes.

Among those, I think that the prologue theme is good, even if it was really hard to make. I actually like all the music I wrote for the animations and I will be very glad if you will also like some pieces.

Shinji Tamura

Compared to the 111-tracks volume of Tales of Symphonia, I feel this time the volume has calmed down to the level of a normal RPG. The concept of this title was to create a classical atmosphere and, for this, classical instruments have been used more than in the previous titles of the series.

Usually the composition is done basically only following some specifications, but this time I wrote several pieces looking at images and at the game itself, seeing both the background and the character’s movements.

Due to this I think that many tracks perfectly match the game scenes and, even if here there is only music without the game, I will be happy if you will remember the respective game sceneries while listening to it.

(Translations by Andrea Mardegan)

Tales of Rebirth staff

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