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Tales of Symphonia
Liner Notes
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Tales of Symphonia

Liner Notes

Motoi Sakuraba

This time I am responsible for Tethe'alla-related themes, character themes, battle-related themes, movies and staff roll. I heard Tethe'alla was a bit more serious and darker in comparison to Sylvarant. However, if it were too serious it could not fit the entire image and concept, and I think I managed this issue. I think battle themes have more Pop-textures than usual. I usually compose music after deciding which meter and tempo I would use, but for the movies from this project I played and recorded them in real-time to the actual movies. I made them without the help of a metronome signal so there are substle fluctuation, which those who play instruments may be able to hear. Also since the tracks of the earlier development stage and the later development stage were recorded using different equipments and sampling software, to try to find the differences can be one way in which you can enjoy this album. The sound quality got a tad bit noisy in game due to the conversion, but I think it became cleaner on the CDs. As for sequenced music I worked with limited memory. If possible I would have used six times the memory than was actually available, but I did the best I could. It is good to recall game scenes during hearing the CDs, but as a composer I would appreciate it if you hear it as a separate track alone.

Shinji Tamura

Even though it was a little too easy to do so the score was divided based on the two worlds of this Tales game, like the first world Sylvarant to Sakuraba and the second world Tethe'alla to me. As expected there were more battle sequences in last half, so I left it to Sakuraba because looming battle sequence music is his bag while I composed calm and Pop-texture pieces for first half. That said, in the end we eventually composed music for each other's world.

Of Symphonia, if I were to pick up one especially impressive track it would be "Town of a wind and ruins", the theme for the town of ruins, Asgard. I intially composed this track only with references to the imaginary descriptions about this town, but when it was actually played in the game, with sound of wind and windmills and the atmosphere of town, I think it fits Asgard far better than I expected during composition.

Though the piece released on the CD doesn't have the sound effects of wind and windmills, I would appreciate it if you recall all those timbres that ringed in Asgard and various events while listening to it.

Takeshi Arai

My role on this project was mainly sound programming and sound effects creation, though fortunately (or meddlingly?) I could participate in music production too. My responsiblity was around arrangements of reused music from prior Tales games and a few new themes. At the initial development stage I felt pressure and was worried if my pieces could meld with those by moguls such as Sakuraba and Tamura while being of no worse quality, but as I worked my joyful feeling grew to get bigger than that. For music variations what I had especially been aware of was how to create pieces being different from theirs but yet having a colour similar to Tales games. If you feel like 'the texture and atmosphere doesn't sound like something heard in prior Tales games' perhaps it might be mine. Since the music released on the CDs is faithful to the original yet of higher quality, please enjoy this a bit richer Symphonia symphony. Playing the CDs during actual gameplay is one way to enjoy them, I guess.


(omitting voice, localization, marketing staff)

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