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Tales of the Abyss
Liner Notes
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Tales of the Abyss

Liner Notes

Motoi Sakuraba

"Tales of the Abyss" is a special RPG representing the 10th anniversary of the Tales series. I have been responsible for compositions since the first game, Phantasia, and it is quite fortunate that I was allowed to work for Tales games for 10 years. I owe this to all of you playing the Tales series. Thank you so much as always.

Regarding the music, it is less sequenced in the internal memory than usual. If I recall correctly there are only six sequenced tracks. The orchestra-ish tracks, not involving internal sequencer stuff, are thicker than usual Tales music. The organ and whatnot in the battle themes and so forth were actually recorded from the speakers.

Since it is the 10th anniversary of the Tales series I created a medley track from successive major Tales battle themes. Also the music for animation and movie sequences required hard works, I again raced against time. It is hard to compose music to movies, but in the end it is nice to see movies and music synchronised. It is impossible to watch movies on the soundtrack, so I would appreciate it if those who played the game will recall the movie, and those who didn't will be able to imagine it while listening to the movies' music.

I hope these songs will be of use to you and that you continue to enjoy the Tales series.

Shinji Tamura

As someone who has worked on the series since the first title, and with the Tales series reaching the 10th anniversary now, I am deeply moved and have a special feeling about the 10 years that passed already. I am again amazed by the Tales series' huge popularity, and I thank all of you Tales fans.

This time, as I worked on towns, dungeons, events and bonus elements, there is remade music from Dragon Buster, Namco's old masterpiece, among the bonus elements. It is quite nostalgic and I cried (laugh). There is also a piece that is used as the theme of sorrow in event sequences, though I intially made it for a different purpose. It was well matched for use during the characters' genial acting, and I am proud that it brings more than a mere sorrow feeling.

I will continue to compose more music that can enhance the games and can be enjoyable on its own as well, while aiming for the 20th anniversary.

For those who bought this CD, thank you so much.


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