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Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume (トラスティベル 〜ショパンの夢〜)
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Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume (トラスティベル 〜ショパンの夢〜)

English title: Eternal Sonata

Liner Notes

Motoi Sakuraba

This game is set inside the dream of Chopin, I think what underlies it is a story that makes us think over what matters or what to do in our life. Considering such, while there are some more appearances of piano if any, I composed the music without being conscious of Chopin. Also, I take an unprecedented approach toward battle themes. I also kept the rest not too stimulating as possible. I incorporated my wife and daughter’s chorus into a piece designed as the main theme.

In addition, in the song that Shinada, the opera singer, sings I dared to use an upright piano following historical facts. This piano is a product of Sauter from south Germany, and it has a unique tone that sounds different from what we are familiar with. In fact, if we could use Pleyel’s one, it would have been more faithful to history, but that was not realized this time.

This time Bunin plays Chopin’s music. At the time while I was in school I witnessed an immense rise of Bunin's popularity, and there was a period when it caused me to practice Chopin.

For me, this game is the first one that does not have aggressive rock. I would be happy if you are aware of that and listen to the difference from my prior works.

Hiroya Hatsushiba

Game music has basically been an construction implemented to foster scenes and it essentially has to take a secondary role.

However, we promoted music from being in the secondary role to a leading character in this game, and everything was unified under the motive of ‘music’, even the design of petty things as well as the worldview and the story. Moreover, it is that gorgeous a game that Chopin makes his appearance in the game and his music is performed by Bunin.

Sakuraba, who is responsible for the composition, was kindly careful and sealed his bass, drum and guitar that he usually takes for granted, in order not to ruin Chopin’s world.

From my game development experiences, I cannot recall any other games where we faced the same direction persistent throughout one worldview to such degree, and I think it has become a really brilliant work.

If some of you are listening to this CD but have not played the game yet, please try to play the game too.

Shinji Noguchi

Above all things, it was a pleasantly surprised that Bunin accepted the assignment of the piano performance. I was impressed with a top artist actually being exceptional, after I saw him repeating his performance again and again until he was satisfied.

Sakuraba’s music is awesome as usual! I am just amazed at his talent, as he weaves such music without much effort (which he said himself).

And Shinada’s voice! Her solo recital in May 2005 moved me as well (as her performance on this game). That makes me rediscover the power of songs.

Through this project, piano pieces and opera had been added to my music library and they expanded me to a new area. I take this opportunity to thank you all. Also, I hope a new encounter for you who get this soundtrack.

Music Staff

Game Staff

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