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=Older Comments: Page 2=
update the site more often. so much good music
-- Anonymous Coward 8

This site's a blessing. Thanks a ton! =)
-- Shagmcmuffin

Thank you for this wonderful site ! :)

Although I've been into SPC music files since the format was created, I had never really checked and most of all, I hadn't noticed what the .rsn format was for... Then just today, as I downloaded a few soundtracks from your site ('cause mine were old rips from (♥), generally with no proper tags/duration), I finally figured how useful it would be. After using Super Jukebox for a while, I had switched to Winamp + plugin because it was definitely better to use ; but I still missed the ability to play SPC files from compressed archives ! And now I know, a bit late, that .rsn files are just that. :P

So, thanks again for maintaining such an awesome collection of music, and to all contributors as well ! =D
--• Pezito •

I've been wondering this for a while, and maybe someone here can answer it -- why is it that, in the Illusion of Gaia SPC files, the songs all start fairly quiet and then slowly grow louder and louder? I've downloaded a couple of versions from different sites, and they all have the same issue.
-- JT

Has anyone looked at NBA Live 96? I have tried saving the title song using "Save SPC Data" from within ZSNES but when I try to listen back it only plays about half a second and then stops.

Some Chrono Trigger notes.

122b The Hidden Truth (Finale) - Just curious where this came from; I can't find it in-game.
216b Underground Sewer (No Water) - This isn't in the game (as a special track, that is), so someone probably made it by a.) making the water silent in Temporal Flux or b.) being a split-second late when ripping and as a result missing the water sound.
222b Magus's Castle (With Bats) - Same here; someone probably accidentally got the bats with the spc, since the bats are really a looping sound effect unrelated to the song.
314 Last Battle - Compare with the last spc archive of Chrono Trigger here. The main synth sounds muted and distorted now. I haven't compared all the other tracks, so no idea if this is a widespread problem.
b02 - The readme noted that the ripper couldn't be found. It's JLukas & ZeaLitY from the Chrono Compendium.
se04 - Just curious how you made the alternate dungeon ambience.
se06 & se07 - These are looping sound effects, meaning they aren't listed in the ROM's music offset.
se17 - Same as 06 & 07; it's a looping sound effect.
se18 - Same as 06 & 07; it's a looping sound effect.
se19 - Nice job extracting this; how'd you do it?
se20 - Same as 06 & 07; it's a looping sound effect.
se21 - Same as 06 & 07; it's a looping sound effect. It's in the Prerelease but not Chrono Trigger.
se22 - Same as 06 & 07; it's a sound effect.
se23 - Same as 06 & 07; it's a sound effect.

And some Prerelease notes:

ctp-23 - Just curious how you found it; that's all.
ctp-39b - As mentioned above with Magus's Castle, someone probably accidentally ripped it with bats, since the track, as it stands alone, does not feature this looping sound effect.
ctp-se06 & se07 - Same as in Chrono Trigger; these are merely sound effects which loop.
ctp-se12 - There is no normal earthquake; only the one different from CT's exists in the Prerelease.
-- Anonymous Coward #...I lost count.

Omg, if you look at the start page, you can see that there are 1336 games!
Just add one more and it'll be 1337 :)

Mm. Not seeking help or anything..(maybe "someday or soon" =p ). But my. Just playing around with RSN archives and SPC files...wondering why my SPC file (megaman X3 I made on my own won't work like the one I downloaded..hahah). Oh my, sure lots of stuff here. I like it. I intend to convert some game tracks to MP3 while renaming those IDv1 & IDv2 tags once I get the names & all that other stuff. *Gah* I really wanted to dump SPC files for a particular track to be 5 mins "at least." Ah, well, if I ever figure out how the dumping works...I'll certainly send what I have. Only for the games I played though. Hahah. "5 mins." It's bad of me to be spoiled about "length." Hahah.

Anyhow, hope this site stays up and running. I'm just new to all this dumping stuff..even though I found the necessary tools. Hahah. Using Winamp v5.3 & the recent SnesAmp v3.2. That Output "Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in 2.11" sure got me started on this whole thing.

Gonna get back to "work" now...either I find a way to dump SPC files...with a 5 min time length (which some people got which I never figured out) or I'll just find the soundtrack I want and try to make it all lengthy renamed MP3...hahah. I want to share it too!

Excuse the rant & ramble. I hope this site won't shut down...

--Wo Dao


Nice assessments of the CT redump and CT Prerelease, but a few notes:

First, the sound effects were included either because I liked them, or they just... worked. We include sound effects when we feel like it sometimes. No harm. =P

Second... track notes:

The "Finale" part of "The Hidden Truth", both in the final game and the prerelease, is played when Crono is taken to prison, right after the guard knocks him out. I suspect this is some sort of event trigger, similar to the opening theme, but I'm not sure at all how it works. Thus, the five second music cue.

The Underwater Sewer no water variant, actually, *is* used in-game. No hacking or missed notes at all. It's played in Ozzie's Fort in 600 AD, in such a situation where the water would be decidedly out of place. Just a small variant, much like the Magus Castle with bats inclusions. No particular reason...just for the heck of it.

Not sure what the deal is with the Last Battle theme, though... it sounded fine to me...

Thanks for the heads up about the unused fanfare. I've had that for a while, included it for completeness' sake, and forgot where I found it.

Can't remember any more stuff, though... I did the redump several months ago. I know I used Temporal Flux to "force" a few songs to be played, which is how I got the unused songs, and probably how I got the "Lavos Stirs" ambient track.

In the next update, I'll change the sound effects to note such specifically, and add in the credit for the unused fanfare. Thanks for the long post. Makes me feel like someone is paying attention. =P


Psst...track 9 in "Vegas Stakes" is called "Laurel Palace". Sorry to nitpick, but even small details are important. ^^
-- Hr0n

Sorry, the one who mentioned Chrono Trigger stuff was not me..
His last line was: "Just add one more and it'll be 1337 :)"
And my comments came after...hahah. Sorry about that.
-- Wo Dao

Whoops. I see the mistake and cleaned up this page a tad bit. Well, Datschge added a new set, so it seems we *do* have 1337 sets now. =P
-- YK

Hi, just wanted to compliment on the wonderful job you've done with this site and its content!

I thought I might point out that I've discovered a few songs in some of the sets that aren't time quite right. For example, "The Lost World" from Lufia 2 is MUCH longer than 33 seconds. It's actually one of my favorite songs from that game.

The "Hill Stream Blues" (Level 1) music of Bubsy is only 2:39 on your set, but if you listen to it all the way out to 3:40, you'll notice that the song changes there. I never would have noticed this one myself had I not left the game sitting paused for a really long time once.

Finally, "Ending 2" from Super Ghouls in Ghosts is about 6:10, but you have to listen to it all the way to abou 8:53 to hear it's true conclusion.

I could also point out a few sets that are missing tracks, but you may already be aware of them. The ones I could find are:

Breath of Fire - missing second half of the ending credits music.
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice - Missing the music from the Ogre's Cave.
Drakkhen - Missing the tavern theme.
Star Fox - Missing the continue music and the short song that plays if you beat the game and leave it sitting at the final "The End" screen too long.

If you were already aware of those, then please ignore that part of the message.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

--- Bebedora

Thanks for your observations. I was already aware of the messed up track times for the Lufia 2 and Super Ghouls and Ghosts SPCs, and thought I fixed the latter...guess not. As for the Breath of Fire SPC set, I recently cleaned that up thoroughly and added that missing track. Take another look. =P (Ironically, it was when I was taking care of the BOF1 GSF set that Ied me to finding the second half of the credits theme. =P)

Hum. Knights of Justice... I'm not too thrilled about having to go back through that game... I was sure that area just used the normal cave theme, but... *shrug*

Feel free to contribute any of the other missing tracks, too.

-- YK

Just to clarify on that Knights of Justice cave song - it's inside a giant tree in the far north area, just before Hadrian's Wall. It's not much of a song, but it is different from the normal caves theme. In fact, I can give you exact a password to make finding it easier:

Woman, Merlin, Lady, Darren, Merlin

Leave the castle, use the shield to warp as far north on the map as possible and you should be just outside Hadrian's Wall. There's a VERY BIG tree somewhere in the forest directly south of Hadrian's Wall where the ogre used to be and the missing track.

The missing Drakkhen track is easier to find. Just start a new game, and you're in front of Hordkhen's Castle. Turn around and follow the path West until you reach an intersection, and then turn south. Follow it until you reach a building that's not marked on the map. Enter the building and there it is!

Thanks again on getting the complete Breath of Fire ending ripped! I'll be downloading that right now.

--- Bebedora

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