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@MIDI's people
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@MIDI's people

Hobby musician group, some former Telenet Japan employees, releasing music together. The group as well as the CD releases (1995-2001) are organized respectively sold by the tri-Ace president Yoshiharu "STRAIGHT" Gotanda. Mixing was usually done using Motoi Sakuraba's sound equipment.


Current members: STRAIGHT, OSATOH, NT-3, JANS_NT, Hassy, Mattya, HIDE-AKI, R-IUCHI, YAYA

Guest: Motoi Sakuraba

Past members: Charly, Harlyholy

CD Releases

  1. @MIDI's mind
  2. @MIDI's gates
  3. @MIDI's summer
  4. @MIDI's drive
  5. @MIDI's love
  6. @MIDI's dance
  7. @MIDI's ballade
  8. @MIDI's battle
  9. @MIDI's fusion
  10. @MIDI's freedom
  11. @MIDI's rock