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Renovation Products Inc. (レノベーションプロダクツ)
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Renovation Products Inc. (レノベーションプロダクツ)

Renovation Products Inc. was established by Telenet Japan in March 1990 as localizator and publisher of games, primary by Wolfteam in California/USA. It ceased to exist around 1993/94 when Sega bought it. It should not be confused with Renovation Games which was the name of Telenet's internal team of development. Renovation Products did, as far as we know, publish and localize only. They didn't develop or port any games. They remain one of the biggest supporters of Sega Genesis, as they released 23 titles for the system over 2 1/2 years.


This is a complete list of games localized for the US market by Renovation. Ordered by release date. "L->" tells which company the original game was released by, P-> tells which company that game originally was developed by.