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Wolfteam ((株)ウルフチーム)
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Wolfteam ((株)ウルフチーム)


Wolfteam started as an internal development team at Telenet Japan in 1986 working on the games Valis and Final Zone which both became series. In March 1987 Masahiro Akishino established it as an independent company which allowed it to expand and start series like Arcus and Zan, as well as releasing plenty of soundtrack CDs. In July 1990, at a time Telenet vastly expanded its development and porting effort, Wolfteam was folded back into Telenet. Furthermore Wolfteam was merged with an other Telenet subsidiary, Laser Soft, in January 1991. In late 1993 Telenet restructured its business and combined all of their development teams resulting in the leaving of founder Akishino as well as director/producer Masaaki Uno and most of the Sega games staffs. The Wolfteam brand continued to be used by its prior staff. Albeit continuously losing many of its core members when Telenet kept switching focus, eventually mainly publishing Parlor games, Wolfteam remained an internal Telenet development team mostly working on Namco published Tales game series until it was merged into the jointly established Telenet/Namco subsidiary Namco Tales Studio in March 2003.

Companies which are known to be consisting of former Wolfteam members are at least Neverland, Gau Entertainment/NexTech, Camelot Software Planning, tri-Ace and tri-Crescendo.

Japan Games

Ordered by system and release date.


In October 1988, Wolfteam released their first album: Music from Yaksa & Arcus was Telenet's second album release, hitting stores about 1 month after their first, Telenet Game Music Collection Vol. 1. Arcus II -Silent Symphony-, was released about a year later, and was among with Zan: Kagerou no Toki, FZ Series "AXIS" and Manuever Cepter "GRANADA", all the four abums Motoi Sakuraba did for Wolfteam. Ten-Bu was Wolfteam's last album, being released in 1992.

Time Gal - Beyond Time & Space, a special promo, and Tenbu Mega CD Special Bonus Single, which obviously was a bonus, were their only singles.

US Games

A couple Wolfteam were localized for the US marked by Renovation, some as exclusive US-release.