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Glodia's last album. This was Tenpei Sato's second solo-project for Glodia, released a year after his first: Bible Master II. Both these albums, and a lot of other Tenpei Sato albums, were released by Polydor / Soundstorm, which it seems Sato contracted in the early ninetees. This is an arrange album for Glodia's final effort, Etemiburu. All songs composed and arranged by Tenpei Sato.

  1. エテミブル
  2. 祈り~Like a Prayer
  3. 高天原円舞曲
  4. アイアンズ・アイ
  5. 茜の子守唄
  6. 機械娘の初恋
  7. ファンタジア
  8. 幻の大和撫子
  9. 狂宴のまぐあい
  10. ざ・スサノオ
  11. 悲美呼
  12. オロチの夢
  13. 茜の子守唄~第二章
  14. 天照