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Glodia (グローディア¨)
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Glodia (グローディア¨)

Osamu Ikegame, a Telenet programmer, founded Glodia and became it's president in 1986. Together with two other Telenet employees: Nobuhito Koise (Composer) and Hiroyuki Kuwata (Programmer) among others, he created Glodia's first game, Lyrane. Right Stuff, another Japanese developer, is closely related to Glodia.


Glodia finished their first game, Lyrane, in December 1986. They continued to develop games until 1995, when Etemiburu was released. None of their games were released outside Japan, but they were rather successfull there. Emerald Dragon, Zavas, Die BahnWelt and Vain Dream are all classics of the '90 Japanese gaming scene.

  1. Lyrane (ライレーン)
    • PC-88: 1986-12-01 (B.P.S)
    • FM-77: 1986-12-26 (B.P.S)
  2. Testament (テスタメント)
    • PC-88: 1987-10-na (BASHO HOUSE)
    • MSX: 1987-na-na (BASHO HOUSE)
  3. Zavas (サバッシュ)
    • PC-88: 1988-11-na (POPCOM SOFT)
    • PC-98: 1988-12-na (POPCOM SOFT)
    • X68000: 1989-07-29 (POPCOM SOFT)
  4. Emerald Dragon (エメラルドドラゴン)
    • PC-88: 1989-11-na (BASHO HOUSE)
    • PC-98: 1989-12-na (BASHO HOUSE)
    • X68000: 1990-12-06 (GLODIA)
    • MSX: 1990-12-na (GLODIA)
    • FM-TOWNS: 1992-05-28 (GLODIA)
  5. Vain Dream (ヴェインドリーム)
    • PC-88: 1991-07-13 (GLODIA)
    • PC-98: 1991-09-21 (GLODIA)
    • FM-TOWNS: 1993-na-na (GLODIA)
  6. Die BahnWelt (バーンウェルト)
    • X68000: 1992-10-30 (GLODIA)
  7. Vain Dream II (ヴェインドリーム II)
    • PC-98: 1992-11-na (GLODIA)
    • FM-TOWNS: 1993-na-na (GLODIA)
  8. Zavas II: Mehite no Dai Yogen (サバッシュ ~メヒテの大予言~)
    • PC-98: 1993-04-na (POPCOM SOFT)
  9. Bible Master (バイブルマスター)
    • PC-98: 1993-07-17 (GLODIA)
    • FM-TOWNS: 1993-12-18 (GLODIA)
  10. Different Realm (ディファレントレルム~久遠の賢者~)
    • PC-98: 1994-09-24 (GLODIA)
  11. Alvaleak Continent (アルヴァリーク冒険記)
    • PC-98: 1993-11-05 (GLODIA)
  12. Bible Master II: The Chaos of Aglia (バイブルマスター・セカンド)
    • PC-98: 1994-08-na (GLODIA)
    • FM-TOWNS: 1994-na-na (GLODIA)
  13. Ragnarøkkr (ラグナレック)
    • PC-98: 1994-na-na (GLODIA)
  14. Etemiburu: Tenjoumukyuu (エテミブル ~天壌無窮~)
    • PC-98: 1994-na-na (GLODIA)

Emerald Dragon albums

When talking about Glodia, you can't skip Emerald Dragon, it was terribly popular, and got lots of franchise associtated with it. Of course, it is by far Glodia's best known game, and you can see that here in this list. 12 cd releases wear the name of Emerald Dragon, that's 4 more that all other Glodia albums combined!

Three Emerald Dragon soundtracks were released:

A couple of Emerald Dragon Drama albums got released in 1995.

Among with Some Emerald Dragon singles, with music from the drama albums:

And two other releases:

Other albums