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Tenpei Sato
 · 佐藤天平
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Tenpei Sato


Composer, worked for Telenet Japan, Glodia, Right Stuff and Birdie Software in the past. He presently works for Nippon Ichi Software, famous for Phantom Brave, La Pucelle, Disgaea and Puppet Princess.

Glodia games

Sato left Telenet for Glodia in late 1989, after the popular Valis II. Together with Nobuhito Koise, he composed the famous Emerald Dragon in 1989. Together with the same man, and Abreath Nakamura, he composed Vain Dream for Glodia in 1991. For both these games he composed very few tracks, though those were of outstanding quality.

His first solo project for Glodia was Bible Master II in 1994. He teamed up with Nobuhito Koise to make Alvaleak Adventure, and composed Etemiburu in 1994.

Other games

He composed some tracks for XZR II, Cyber City and Valis_II, all of them together with Shinobu Ogawa.

Alshark is one of the Right Stuff games he composed. Beast, Cal and Red are some of the Birdie Software games he composed.

He composed the absolutely horrible Non Stop One Way Love, sung by Reiko Chiba, for SNK's Fatal Fury Special series. This track found its way to Garou Densetsu Special Image Album Part 2, and also got a single.