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My Sugar Baby

My Sugar Baby

: Catalogue Number: TODT-2458 : Publisher: Toshiba EMI : First Printing: December 13, 1989 for ¥930

This was Telenet's first and last single officially released to the public. Shinobu Ogawa stated in the liner notes of The Fantasm Soldier Valis II that he wanted someone to add words and voice to his masterpiece called "White Day of Sadness". Apparently, his voice was heard pretty fast, since this single was released only 3 months after that album. Yuko Asou (麻生 優子), who seems to be a voice actress, was assigned the task. Telenet's new image girl for "Yuko" of the Valis series, known as Yuko Miyamoto, didn't get this assignment, even though she seemed to have the qualities, as she could play the piano and "liked to sing".

This single contained two tracks, "My Sugar Baby" from Albatross II, and "White Day of Sadness" from Valis II. I'm not in possession of this item, so I cannot say for sure, but it would be fair guess that this Yuko Asou is the vocal of both. Shinobu Ogawa also composed "My Sugar Baby", the title track of this single. This track had it's album release one day prior to this single's release, through Telenet's third album, Telenet Selection.

This single, or "My Sugar Baby" turned about to become quite a success in Japan. I've seen indications of it doing quite well on radio lists. But that didn't make Yuko Asou continue her singing career, as this is her only registered single. Neither did it push Shinobu Ogawa into the J-pop market for real. It turned out better for Shinobu Ogawa, as he managed to release some singles for Kouda Mariko in the early-late 90'.