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Shinobu Ogawa (小川史生)
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Shinobu Ogawa (小川史生)

Being chief composer of Telenet Japan, he did the music for quite a lot of games. His most famous work is Valis, though he also did the sequel, he shared it with one of his past companion, Tenpei Sato. Shinobu also worked together with Nobuhito Koise on a deal of games. Together, they set the standard for the famous "Telenet sound", which Tenpei Sato, Michiko Naruke, and other later Telenet composers gladly adopted.

In late 1989, he did a jump into the Jpop market by doing the single My Sugar Baby.

Later on, he almost stopped composing, and started to Program the music instead. On later Telenet games, he was often seen at the credits together with Business Support, as the Music Programmer, Music Director, Sound Producer, and things like that. Beast Warriors, a crappy Mega Drive game, is a good example of this later trend.

The mysterious You On A Gin is strongly related to this composer.

In 1997, he composed the Kouda Mariko-sung singles Made in Heaven (AYDM-139) and Promise (AYDM-141), both from the Media Entertainment-developed Saturn game Free Talk Studio: Mary no Kimama na O-shaberi. Though this is the last we've heard from from him, this also indicates that Media Entertainment is another post-Telenet company, and it gives us a clue about where to search for newer works by this composer. This wasn't idol Kouda Mariko first connection to gamemusic, as she's rather famous for her Twinbee albums, and also did work for Alice Soft, as well as other Konami albums.

CD Releases

Three gamemusic soundtrack releases, and three Jpop releases are known right now. It's unlikely that there are more VGM, but there could be more Jpop. This list contain albums / singles were it is certain that he did compose at least one track.

Games Composed

Some of the games he composed either alone, or together with other Telenet Japan composers.