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Valis series

Valis series

The Valis series was Telenet_Japan's first successful series and had been ported to many different systems. The original game was created in 1986 by an internal Telenet development team called Wolfteam which also created the first game in the Final Zone series. After those two games Wolfteam was allowed to become more independent for creating games on its own; and further Valis games and ports were developed by different other Telenet subsidiaries like Laser Soft, Renovation and Riot until the series stopped in 1992 with Super Valis 4 for SFC.

Valis 1 MSX, NES, Mega Drive, PC-Engine

Valis 2 X68000, PC88, PC98, MSX2, PC-Engine

Valis 3 Mega Drive, PC-Engine

Super Valis 4 (SFC)