Sound Systems

Roland MT-32
Description: Roland's MT-32 and other Linear Arithmetic synthesizers.

Roland CM-64
Description: Roland's MT-32 Linear Arithmetic synthesizer combined with the CM-32P wavetable synthesizer for improving sounds.

General MIDI (GM, MIDI, Roland SC-55, Roland SC-88 and Vermouth)
Description: Widespreadly used MIDI instruments mapping and MIDI commands standard.

OPL2 (YM3812)
Description: Yamaha's YM3812 based soundchips. Used in Sound Orchestra PC-98 soundcards as well as in early PC Adlib cards.

OPL3 (YMF262)
Description: Yamaha's YMF262 based soundchips. Updated OPL2, used in Creative's Sound Blaster 16 cards.

OPLL (YM2413)
Description: Yamaha's YM2413 based expansion soundchip for MSX.

OPM (YM2151)
Description: Yamaha's YM2151 based soundchips. Used in X1, X68000 and a whole slew of arcade games.

Description: YM2151 with additional MSM sample player. Default X68000 sound setup.

Description: Yamaha's YM2203 based soundchips. Used in PC-88 and PC-98.

OPNA, Speakboard (YM2608)
Description: Yamaha's YM2608 based soundchips. Used in PC-88 and PC-98.

OPN2C (YM3438)
Description: Yamaha's YM3438 based soundchips. Used in FM TOWNS computer.

PC Speaker
Description: PC Speaker

PSG, AMD-98 and PC-8801-10 (dual YM2149)
Description: Various Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) based soundcards

SCC (K051649)
Description: Konami's custom soundchip, used in their MSX games.