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Right Stuff (ライトスタッフ)
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Right Stuff (ライトスタッフ)

Game-developer, perhaps best known for the Mega-CD and retro-pc RPG Alshark. Right Stuff is a company responsible for a small deal of games, it is related to Glodia through leadership and employment, and that relation made them responsible for the Emerald Dragon PC-Engine port, which had its album released by Media Works, which did the Super Famicom port of Emerald Dragon.


Complete list of games released by Right Stuff, sorted by date, listing game (japanese) (system/publisher)
  1. Alshark (アルシャーク) (PC-98/RIGHT STUFF)
  2. Alshark (アルシャーク) (X68000/RIGHT STUFF)
  3. Terraforming (テラフォーミング) (PC-Engine/RIGHT STUFF)
  4. Chilam Balam (ティラムバラム) (PC-98/RIGHT STUFF)
  5. Alshark (アルシャーク) (FM-TOWNS/RIGHT STUFF)
  6. Fiend Hunter (フィーンドハンター) (PC-Engine/RIGHT STUFF)
  7. Sword Master (ソードマスター) (PC-Engine/RIGHT STUFF)
  8. Alshark (アルシャーク) (MEGA CD/Polydor)
  9. Flash Hiders (フラッシュハイダース) (PC-Engine/RIGHT STUFF)
  10. Emerald Dragon (エメラルドドラゴン) (PC-Engine/NEC HE)
  11. Revery (レヴァリィ~誘いの魔水晶~) (PC-98/RIGHT STUFF)
  12. Alshark (アルシャーク) (PC-Engine/Victor)
  13. Foresight Dolly (フォーサイト・ドリィ) (PC-98/RIGHT STUFF)
  14. Fang of Alnam (アルナムの牙~獣族十二神徒伝説~) (PC Engine/RIGHT STUFF)
  15. Dungeon Hack (ダンジョンハック) (PC-9821 /RIGHT STUFF)
  16. Dungeon Hack (ダンジョンハック) (PC-98/RIGHT STUFF)
  17. The TV Show (ザ・ティーヴィーショー) (PC-Engine/RIGHT STUFF)
  18. Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX (バトルタイクーン ) (Super Famicom/RIGHT STUFF)
  19. Fang of Alnam (アルナムの牙~獣族十二神徒伝説~) (PlayStation/RIGHT STUFF)
  20. Jocky Zero (ジョッキーゼロ) (PlayStation/RIGHT STUFF)
  21. Blue Forest -Story Seal of Wind- (ブルーフォレスト物語~風の封印~) (3DO/RIGHT STUFF)
  22. Blue Forest -Story Seal of Wind- (ブルーフォレスト物語~風の封印~) (PlayStation/RIGHT STUFF)
  23. Wings of Alnam (アルナムの翼) (PlayStation/RIGHT STUFF)
  24. Himitsu Kessha Q (秘密結社Q) (PlayStation/RIGHT STUFF)


Hopefully complete list of albums, chronologically:
  1. Alshark (VICL-5067)
  2. Chilam Balam (APCG-4028)
  3. Fiend Hunter (POCH-2206)
  4. Alshark Image Song "Starting Over" (PODH-1153)
  5. MEGA-CD Alshark Original Soundtrack (POCH-2208)
  6. Blue Forest Image Music (POCH-2209)
  7. Blue - Best of Right Stuff (POCH-2215)
  8. Fang of Alnam (POCX-1001)
  9. Blue Forest -Story Seal of Wind- Original Soundtrack (POCX-1021)


Tadashi Sawashita and Tenpei Sato were both Right Stuff composers.