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XZR (Exile)
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XZR (Exile)

Japanese: エグザイル 破戒の偶像


Telenet classic released on the PC-88, PC-98, X1 and MSX in the later part of 1988. The MSX version was followed by a bonus item called Telenet's Sound Special Since 1985, a CD with music from many Telenet games. The music of XZR itself was composed by Shinobu Ogawa and Nobuhito Koise, like so many other Telenet games.

Later, in 1991, it was ported to the Mega Drive and PC-Engine.

It's sequel, XZR II, (released only 4 months after XZR) was also followed by a bonus CD. But that time, it was just a single.

Mega Drive staff

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