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Nobuhito Koise (恋瀬信人)
 · Osamu Satoh (佐藤修)
 · Hiromi Okamura (岡村宏美)
 · Glodia games
 · Telenet games

Nobuhito Koise (恋瀬信人)

Osamu Satoh (佐藤修)

Hiromi Okamura (岡村宏美)

Nobuhito Koise, Osamu Satoh and Hiromi Okamura are all the same person. Out of all these pseudonyms, he has used Nobuhito Koise most. But he somehow stopped using it around 1992, he started to use Hiromi Okamura and Osamu Satoh more and more, and compose less and less.

Nobuhito Koise composed music for games by Glodia and Telenet. He composed together with people like Shinobu Ogawa, Tenpei Sato and Abreath Nakamura.

He's probably most famous for Glodia's very popular Emerald Dragon, the Telenet classic Final Zone, Glodia's Vain Dream, as being Shinobu Ogawa's "supervisor" on Valis, as well as being one of the Shin Megami Tensei composers.

He might be "OSATOH" of @MIDI, but aside from the handle, there's nothing on his OSATOH's site which could suggest that he is Nobuhito.

Osamu Satoh was credited as the Executive Proudcer at Tenbu (BVCR-118). Perhaps Osamu Satoh is his real name, but it was to boring to use in the composing industry? But Executive Producing isn't the industry for fake names! That explains one of the aliases.

Glodia games

Lyrane (ライレーン)

Testament (テスタメント)

Zavas (サバッシュ)

Emerald Dragon (エメラルドドラゴン)

Vain Dream (ヴェインドリーム)

Zavas II(サバッシュII)

Alvaleak Adventure (アルヴァリーク冒険記)

Bible Master (バイブルマスター)

Different Realm (ディファレントレルム~久遠の賢者~)

Telenet games

Shinra Bashou (神羅万象)

Shin Megami Tensei (デジタルデビル物語 女神転生)

Albatross (アルバトロス)

XZR (エグザイル)

SA-ZI-RI (紫醜罹)

Final Zone (ファイナルゾーン)

Luxor -Nights Over Egypt- (ルクソール NIGHTS OVER EGYPT)