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tri-Crescendo (株式会社トライクレッシェンド)
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tri-Crescendo (株式会社トライクレッシェンド)

tri-Crescendo was founded in 1999, February, by Hiroya Hatsushiba who still heads this company. With Hiroya Hatsushiba being a long time sound programmer tri-Crescendo first was responsible for the sound in all games by tri-Ace since Valkyrie Profile. 2001 it started its first own development, doing battle design, programming and sound for Baten Kaitos and its sequel, with graphic and scenario work done by Monolith Software. Trusty Bell was their first fully developed game, while Fragile will again be a cooperation, this time with an internal Namco staff of Seven and Venus & Braves.

In July 2012 after the formation of Bandai Namco Studios tri-Crescendo moved close to the building housing Bandai Namco's unified development department, indicating a stable close relationship.