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About soundtrack sets

This archive consists of complete soundtracks in SPC format packaged in RAR files. Please note that those SPC files are *not* "PKCS #7 Certificates" but custom audio files and that you first need to download a player to play them back. All archives are RAR files (version 3) renamed to RSN, you can easily rename them back to RAR and open them with your favorite program capable of opening and viewing standard RAR files.

SPC files are memory dumps from the SPC700, which again is a custom CPU in the SNES designed and manufactured by Sony controlling a separate DSP chip for producing sound. Read on about how sound on the SNES works.

Recommended software players

For best reproduction of the SPC files offered on this site we recommend players based on Alpha-II's SNESAPU engine as well as supporting the (extended) ID666 tag format.

Playback on authentic hardware

Converting SPC files

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