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NTSC-J Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
?????????? ?????
Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu
Composer: Yuka Tsujiyoko
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: Tuesday, 14 May 1996
Dumper: spc
Tagger: Datschge, CaitSith2

Project fe4 version 1.01 released on 2004-05-02, 127 tracks, 542kb, downloaded 4439 times

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This game is a lonewolf.


1-01The Beginning01:14
1-02The Theme of Fire Emblem (Title before game clear)01:46
1-02The Theme of Fire Emblem02:17
1-03The History of Jugdral Continent00:32
1-04The Glory of Grandbell02:27
1-05Prologue "Birth of the Holy Knight"02:02
1-06Chapter 1 "The Girl from the Spirit-Forest"02:16
1-07Chapter 2 "Disturbance in Agustria"02:06
1-08Chapter 3 "Lion King Eltosian"01:39
1-09Chapter 4 "Dance by the Sky"03:30
1-10Flow of Time01:40
1-11Chapter 5 "The Gate of Destiny"02:25
1-13Loved One00:57
1-14A Disappointing Outcome01:01
1-15Time to Attack01:13
1-16Chapter 6 "Inheritor of the Light"02:13
1-17Chapter 7 "Across the Desert"02:10
1-18Chapter 8 "The Dragon Knight of Thracia"03:00
1-19Chapter 9 "Kingdom of Thracia"01:38
1-20Chapter 10 "Light and Darkness"01:46
1-21To the One with the Light02:20
1-22Final Chapter "The Final Holy-war" (Chapter begins)02:36
1-22Final Chapter "The Final Holy-war" (Turn begins)02:26
1-24The Arrival of Peace (Normal)01:50
1-24The Arrival of Peace (Rank A)02:10
1-25Music Box02:33
1-26Ending Ballade05:01
2-01Close to Victory00:52
2-02Army of Verdane01:47
2-03Army of Agustria01:42
2-04Army of Agustria (Pirates) (Army of Ogrehill)01:25
2-05Army of Silesia01:39
2-06Army of Yied01:28
2-07Army of Isaac01:49
2-08Army of Manster01:37
2-09Army of Thracia01:40
2-10Army of Miletos01:33
2-11Army of Grandbell 101:29
2-12Army of Grandbell 202:05
2-13The Allied Forces01:20
2-14Neutral Forces00:46
2-15Allies' Attack00:30
2-16Enemys' Attack00:24
2-17Intermediate Boss00:48
2-18Grudge Match01:05
2-19Alliance Between Enemies00:40
2-20Versus Alvis01:26
2-21Versus Yurius01:04
2-22Dancer Fights00:27
2-23Dancer Cheers00:34
2-24White Magic00:20
2-25Valkyrie's Staff00:20
2-26Level up!00:27
2-27Change Class00:18
2-28Colosseum (Murmur)00:18
2-28Colosseum (Reception)01:11
2-29Colosseum (The Match)00:30
2-30The City of Verdane00:54
2-31The City of Grandbell01:41
2-32The City of Agustria00:25
2-33The City of Silesia00:49
2-34The City of Isaac00:48
2-35The City of Yied00:45
2-36The City of Manster00:28
2-37The City of Thracia00:55
2-38The City of Miletos00:25
2-39Crisis 101:54
2-40Crisis 200:56
2-41Another Assault00:58
2-42The Final Challenge/Assault01:35
2-43Victory 1 (Castle of Revo captured)00:12
2-43Victory 1 (End of map)01:23
2-43Victory 1 (Normal)01:16
2-44Victory 201:38
2-45Enemy Message 100:48
2-46Enemy Message 201:07
2-47Enemy Message 301:32
2-48Emperor Alvis01:24
3-01New Allies00:50
3-03The Dumb Soldiers01:06
3-04Deu and Pati00:32
3-06Lover 101:25
3-07Lover 201:01
3-08Lover 301:21
3-09Lover 401:31
3-10Conversation 101:05
3-11Conversation 200:51
3-12Telling the Legend01:02
3-14Destiny 201:30
3-15Destiny 301:42
3-16Levin Speaks02:18
3-17Tinny's Theme00:59
3-18Edin's Theme00:45
3-19Diadora's Theme01:55
3-20Yuria's Theme01:14
3-21Selis' Theme (Ending)04:34
3-21Selis' Theme (Normal)04:19
3-22A Time of Sadness 101:33
3-23A Time of Sadness 2 (Game Over)00:48
3-24The Golden Axe, The Silver Axe~~ (Sound of Water)00:11
3-24The Golden Axe, The Silver Axe~~00:36
3-25Wandering Feelings02:50
3-26Agustria Castle01:32
3-27Silesia Castle02:13
3-28Manster Castle01:04
3-29Isaac Castle02:01
3-30New Thracia Castle02:01
3-31Verdane Castle01:06
3-32Yungvy Castle02:05
3-33Fridge Castle01:05
3-34Dozel Castle01:33
3-35Edda Castle01:02
3-36Velthomer Castle01:32
3-37Chalphy Castle01:06
3-38The Warrior of the Wind00:46
3-39Part 1 Ending Theme11:00
s01Castle Captured00:05
s02Receive Item00:02
s03Level up00:02
s04Item Lost00:02
s05Receive Money00:02
s06Receive Book of Naga00:03
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