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NTSC-J Nichibutsu Arcade Classics
ニチブツ アーケードクラシックス
Nichibutsu Arcade Classics
Composer: Slash, Asterisk
Developer: Nichibutsu, Syscom Entertainment
Publisher: Nichibutsu
Released: Friday, 26 May 1995
Dumper: saito
Tagger: saito, YK

Project nac version 1.01 released on 2009-12-31, 61 tracks, 104kb, downloaded 4115 times

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101Crazy Climber Title02:16
102Crazy Climber Game Start00:04
103Crazy Climber Player Out00:04
104Crazy Climber Stage Clear 100:12
105Crazy Climber Stage Clear 200:13
106Crazy Climber Stage Clear 300:16
107Crazy Climber Stage Clear 400:11
108Crazy Climber Gorilla00:17
109Crazy Climber Bird00:12
110Crazy Climber Balloon00:27
111Crazy Climber Balloon Catch00:10
112Crazy Climber Player Voice 100:01
113Crazy Climber Player Voice 200:01
114Crazy Climber Player Voice 300:01
115Crazy Climber Player Voice 400:02
116Crazy Climber Gorilla Voice00:01
117Crazy Climber Bird Voice00:01
118Crazy Climber SFX 100:11
119Crazy Climber SFX 200:03
120Crazy Climber SFX 300:01
121Crazy Climber SFX 400:01
122Crazy Climber SFX 500:03
123Crazy Climber SFX 600:01
124Crazy Climber SFX 700:01
125Crazy Climber SFX 800:12
126Crazy Climber SFX 900:04
201Frisky Tom Title02:22
202Frisky Tom Game Start00:04
203Frisky Tom Stage Music00:32
204Frisky Tom Clear Demo00:32
205Frisky Tom Bomb Alert00:03
206Frisky Tom Score Ranking00:04
207Frisky Tom SFX 100:01
208Frisky Tom SFX 200:01
209Frisky Tom SFX 300:01
210Frisky Tom SFX 400:01
211Frisky Tom SFX 500:01
212Frisky Tom SFX 600:01
213Frisky Tom SFX 700:02
214Frisky Tom SFX 800:01
215Frisky Tom SFX 900:01
216Frisky Tom SFX 1000:01
301Moon Cresta Title02:42
302Moon Cresta Start00:05
303Moon Cresta Docking00:11
304Moon Cresta Docking Success00:06
305Moon Cresta Docking Failure00:04
306Moon Cresta Far Out!00:12
307Moon Cresta SFX 100:04
308Moon Cresta SFX 200:01
309Moon Cresta SFX 300:03
310Moon Cresta SFX 400:03
311Moon Cresta SFX 500:01
312Moon Cresta SFX 600:03
313Moon Cresta SFX 700:01
314Moon Cresta SFX 800:02
315Moon Cresta SFX 900:01
316Moon Cresta SFX 1000:02
317Moon Cresta SFX 1100:01
318Moon Cresta SFX 1200:02
319Moon Cresta SFX 1300:01
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