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NTSC-J Pitfall: Maya no Daibouken
??????? ??????
Pitfall: Maya no Daibouken
Composer: Scott Martin Gershen, Robert Higgins, David Kneupper
Developer: Redline Games
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Released: Friday, 14 July 1995
Dumper: Slick Mandela, YK, nensondubois
Tagger: Slick Mandela, YK

Project pfma version 1.01 released on 2009-07-29, 83 tracks, 226kb, downloaded 4165 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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Beta Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
PAL Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
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01Opening ~ The Abduction02:01
02The Mayan Adventure00:39
03Examining the Map01:49
04Onwards to Danger01:52
05Jungle Rhythm 100:57
06Jungle Rhythm 200:57
07Jungle Rhythm 300:57
08Jungle Rhythm 400:57
09Jungle Rhythm 500:12
10Jungle Rhythm 600:57
11Jungle Rhythm 700:57
12Jungle Rhythm 800:57
13Jungle Rhythm 900:19
14Jungle Rhythm 1000:58
15Jungle Rhythm 1100:58
16Jungle Rhythm 1200:12
17Jungle Rhythm 1300:57
18Jungle Rhythm 1400:19
19Panther Dance01:21
20Level Complete01:19
21Dangerous Waterfalls 101:23
22Dangerous Waterfalls 201:23
23Dangerous Waterfalls 302:21
24Dangerous Waterfalls 401:20
25Dangerous Waterfalls 501:20
26Dangerous Waterfalls 601:23
27Dangerous Waterfalls 701:20
28Dangerous Waterfalls 801:20
29Dangerous Waterfalls 901:20
30Dangerous Waterfalls 1001:24
31Dark Mine Shafts 100:13
32Dark Mine Shafts 200:22
33Dark Mine Shafts 301:05
34Dark Mine Shafts 401:07
35Dark Mine Shafts 500:22
36Dark Mine Shafts 601:09
37Dark Mine Shafts 701:09
38Dark Mine Shafts 801:20
39Dark Mine Shafts 901:27
40Dark Mine Shafts 1001:26
41Dark Mine Shafts 1101:27
42Dark Mine Shafts 1201:30
43Mysterious Lost City 100:44
44Mysterious Lost City 200:44
45Mysterious Lost City 300:44
46Mysterious Lost City 401:16
47Mysterious Lost City 501:16
48Mysterious Lost City 601:16
49Mysterious Lost City 701:16
50Mysterious Lost City 800:42
51Twin Wildcats01:11
52Ancient Temple 100:24
53Ancient Temple 201:06
54Ancient Temple 301:11
55Ancient Temple 400:24
56Ancient Temple 500:29
57Ancient Temple 600:39
58Ancient Temple 701:11
59Ancient Temple 801:12
60Ancient Temple 901:12
61Ancient Temple 1001:10
62Ancient Temple 1101:11
63Ancient Temple 1201:03
64Ancient Temple 1300:24
65Warrior Spirit 100:40
66Warrior Spirit 200:43
67Warrior Spirit 300:39
68Warrior Spirit 400:47
s01Classic Jump00:01
s02Classic Hit00:01
s03Classic Death00:03
s04Classic Vine Swinging00:03
s05Classic Fall00:01
s06Classic Item Fanfare00:01
s07Game Over Thud00:01
s08Continue Torch00:03
s09Information Menu Swish00:02
s10Memory Puzzle (A)00:02
s11Memory Puzzle (X)00:02
s12Memory Puzzle (Y)00:02
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