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NTSC-J Tengai Makyou Zero: Shounen Jump no Shou
天外魔境ZERO 少年ジャンプの章
Tengai Makyou Zero: Shounen Jump no Shou
Composer: Toshiyuki Sasagawa, Kohei Tanaka, Aya Tanaka
Developer: Red
Publisher: n/a
Released: 1995
Dumper: CaitSith2
Tagger: CaitSith2, kefka95

Project feoez version 1.04 released on 2011-11-22, 92 tracks, 553kb, downloaded 4179 times

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NTSC-J Tengai Makyou Zero (天外魔境ZERO)


1-02Zero's Theme00:57
1-03Cursed Coronation01:10
1-03Swarming Hesitation01:17
1-03The Broken Seal00:50
1-04Peaceful Village02:25
1-05Cave of Monsters03:05
1-06Infernal Army Corps04:15
1-07Happy Wise Men03:00
1-08Wise Man's Ordeal01:53
1-09Town Under Attack ~ Disaster03:40
1-10Confrontation ~ Infernal Captain03:09
1-11Higan's Sadness02:58
1-12Higan's Theme02:51
1-14Hitachi Town02:00
1-15Eternal Fire05:50
1-16In the Cellar05:30
1-17Hisui's Theme03:25
1-18Manor of Frozen Monsters02:57
1-19Goodbye... ~ To Subaru03:35
1-20City of Evil Souls03:01
1-21Akamaru's Theme02:38
1-22Subaru's Theme01:48
1-23Akamaru's Counterattack02:48
1-24Peacock King02:11
2-01Subaru's Smile03:59
2-02Wonderful Streets02:00
2-03Dark Warrior ~ Shiranui01:50
2-04This is the Festival!02:22
2-05Animal Gods' Theme02:18
2-06Sand Rats02:49
2-07Dark Town02:26
2-08The Desert's Spring02:18
2-09Tenjin's Theme03:06
2-10Tower of Bloody Fights03:30
2-11Tangible Fear03:53
2-12Science is Omnipotent02:40
2-13Great Power02:57
2-14Demon Ma-Shin03:10
2-15Mysterious Hill03:41
2-16Memory ~ Seperation with Mizuki02:54
2-17Mizuki's Theme02:08
2-18The Ship with Scales03:07
2-19Elegant Ladies02:54
2-22Let's Play!01:00
2-24A Crab!02:19
2-25Stupidity's Theme01:28
2-26Betrayed Friendship00:55
2-27Faded Neon00:58
2-28Welcome to Akamaru City!01:04
2-29Justice is with Me!01:06
3-01Gates of Hell02:11
3-02Sacred Place01:55
3-03Born with a Sword, Dead by a Sword03:28
3-04Castle of Dragon King04:44
3-05Terrestrial God ~ Ninigi03:29
3-07King of Hell03:54
3-08Tenjin's Resolution01:41
3-09Sadness and Anger02:22
3-10The Master of the Flying Ship01:59
3-11The Flying Ship03:54
3-12Let's Go to Takamagahara03:13
3-13Takamagahara Village02:40
3-14Subaru's Plea02:44
3-15Heavenly God ~ Aguni03:35
3-16Into the Corridors of Heaven ~ Aguni's Ordeal04:16
3-17Hero of Fire ~ Higan02:44
3-18Whirlpool of Darkness04:48
3-19To Hell03:26
3-20The Final Battle03:06
3-21The Two Mirrors03:14
3-22To a New Future07:19
3-23Tengai Makyo Theater05:46
s02Good Night00:06
s03Member Joined00:05
s04Victory Fanfare00:35
s05Got Item00:03
s06Got Ability00:06
s07Got Important Item00:06
s08Important Event00:07
s09Beautiful Women00:37
s10Hermit's Trumpet00:03
s11Crane Women00:37
s12Tenjin's Flute00:07
s13Super Manikin 3 Introduction00:06
s14Jingle Bells00:30
s15Tenjin's Table Toss00:07
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