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NTSC-J Fire Emblem: Tracia 776
?????????? ??????? ??????
Fire Emblem: Tracia 776
Composer: Yuka Tsujiyoko
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: Friday, 21 January 2000
Dumper: spc
Tagger: spc, Datschge, Shih Tzu

Project fet version 1.01 released on 2004-05-02, 64 tracks, 321kb, downloaded 4391 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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102Thracia 776 - The Beginning01:35
103Thracia 776 - Theme of Fire Emblem02:20
104Thracia 776 - Map A01:22
105Thracia 776 - Map B - A01:00
106Thracia 776 - Map B - B01:36
107Thracia 776 - Map C01:01
108Thracia 776 - Sortie02:13
109The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Base02:25
110The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Charge A01:54
111The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Charge B02:04
112The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Adversity02:01
113The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Close to Victory01:24
114The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Close to Defeat01:30
115The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Search for the Enemy01:51
116The Army of Leif Seeks Victory - Leif02:17
117The Threat Draws Near - Base A01:56
118The Threat Draws Near - Base B01:46
119The Threat Draws Near - Charge02:04
120The Threat Draws Near - Priest of Darkness01:36
121The Threat Draws Near - Search for the Enemy01:44
122The Threat Draws Near - The Final Chapter02:04
123Spread Justice - Offense00:30
124Spread Justice - Defense00:23
125Spread Justice - Recovery Magic A00:21
126Spread Justice - Recovery Magic B00:50
127Spread Justice - Dancer00:22
128Spread Justice - Class Change00:16
129Spread Justice - Boss Fight00:41
130Spread Justice - Fight with Laydrick01:03
131Spread Justice - Fight with Beld01:08
132Spread Justice - Battle in the Place of Hand-to-Hand Fighting00:36
133Spread Justice - Level Up A00:31
134Spread Justice - Level Up B00:31
135In the Midst of Battle - Crisis02:20
136In the Midst of Battle - Charge01:18
137In the Midst of Battle - Destiny01:28
138In the Midst of Battle - Army A01:40
139In the Midst of Battle - Savage Tribe01:05
140In the Midst of Battle - Laydrick01:19
141In the Midst of Battle - Lopto A01:50
142In the Midst of Battle - Thracia01:28
143In the Midst of Battle - Lopto B02:26
144In the Midst of Battle - Army B00:52
201Chapter's End - Victory01:30
202Chapter's End - Victory Minor01:30
203Chapter's End - August Speaks A01:02
204Chapter's End - August Speaks B01:10
205Chapter's End - Leif Defeated02:02
206Chapter's End - Conquest03:10
207In-Chapter - Arena - Acceptance02:13
208In-Chapter - A Comrade Enters00:58
209In-Chapter - Meeting, Meeting Again01:55
210In-Chapter - Comical00:57
211In-Chapter - Church00:37
212In-Chapter - Sadness01:06
213In-Chapter - Sara01:34
214In-Chapter - Ayvel01:38
215Game Over00:24
216Ending - War Record03:24
217Ending - Afterwards06:17
218Ending - Ballad01:39
219Ending - Music Box03:07
se01Item Acquisition00:02
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