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NTSC-J Treasure Hunter G
Treasure Hunter G
Composer: Mitsuhito Tanaka, Toshiaki Sakoda, Akiko Goto, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Yoko Takada, Tomoko Matsui
Developer: Sting
Publisher: Square
Released: Friday, 24 May 1996
Dumper: TheGun
Tagger: Datschge, Josh1980

Project thg version 1.01 released on 2004-05-09, 73 tracks, 230kb, downloaded 4204 times

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1-01Gemini Wing00:55
1-02[hamarira hahihi]02:16
1-03There Goes That Shameful Daizaburou02:34
1-04My Rural Town02:33
1-05Well, Let's Get Out There and Fight!01:04
1-06The World's Cavern 102:20
1-07"Somehow, Something Doesn't Look Quite Right..."02:06
1-08The Absence of My Father from My Childhood (Preview)01:07
1-09Go! Go! Kids!02:31
1-10A Drink to Victory01:06
1-11An Enticing Town02:36
1-12Hey You, What Time is It?00:51
1-13Piano Skill Level 100:06
1-14Piano Skill Level 200:11
1-15Piano Skill Level 300:07
1-16Piano Skill Level 400:12
1-17Theme From "Mountain-San"00:25
1-18Urgently, Get There in a Hurry01:06
1-19Come Here! I Defend You03:12
1-20Ponga's Violin Performance00:11
1-21Surrounded by Forest 103:32
1-22The Absence of My Father from My Childhood04:18
1-23What Thoughts do You Have in the Treasure Room?01:25
1-24Conquer the World!01:26
1-25The Teacher's Eulogy00:56
1-26Just Like the Mountain, He Will Not Move03:02
1-27This is Also Training02:09
1-28"I Memorized My Multiplication"00:04
1-29It Has Been a Long Time Since Someone Called Me a Magician01:34
1-30Peaceful Sleep00:08
1-31Yearning for Love (Preview)00:54
1-32Defeated Treasure Hunters00:12
1-33Upscale Harbor Town02:56
1-34"Hey Darlin', Aren't You Gonna Come Any Closer?"01:25
1-35Go Red Team! Go White Team! Rah Rah Rah!01:26
1-36"A Woman, Huh? Remember It's Important to Set the Right 'Mood'!"01:00
1-37The World's Cavern 201:43
1-38Found an OOPART (Out-Of-Place-Artifact)00:05
1-39Surrounded By Forest 201:10
1-40Whose Cat is This?02:38
1-43Dance! Dance! Dance!00:18
1-44Bossa Nova of Love02:51
1-45"Can't Screw Up the Order"03:32
1-46Of My Life, I Regret Nothing03:20
1-47Mad Science01:31
1-48Psycho Beasts01:05
1-49The World's Cavern 301:00
1-50A Hearty Welcome to the Pyramid Investigation Group01:31
2-01Demi Human Battle01:28
2-02There is Nothing Else We Can Do Except Sing01:58
2-03Relax, Relax01:15
2-04The Queen Says "Wait"00:04
2-05"Wow, What a Story"03:10
2-06The Turtle Samurai Appears00:03
2-07Heading West to Escape My Past01:54
2-08Dead Town01:59
2-09The Attack of Rising Water on Bichuu Takamatsu Castle01:28
2-10The World's Cavern 401:56
2-11The Road to Survival02:09
2-12Sad Freedom04:09
2-13Winged Maiden01:08
2-14Love's Escape04:52
2-15An Illicit Fishing Boat and a Russian Patrol Ship01:52
2-16A Position of Total Control01:50
2-17A Former Kagonarl03:06
2-18I Might Die02:35
2-19Apprentice of Balladry01:14
2-20Emperor of Balladry03:40
2-21It is Raining on the Peninsula of Magahama01:55
2-22Around the World05:10
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