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PAL World Cup Striker

World Cup Striker
Composer: Allister Morten Brimble, Kenji Ikeda
Developer: Rage
Publisher: Elite Systems
Released: 1994
Dumper: KungFuFurby
Tagger: KungFuFurby

Project esc version 1.02 released on 2009-03-02, 45 tracks, 154kb, downloaded 4151 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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The set also covers following related games:
NTSC Elite Soccer
Beta World Cup Striker
NTSC-J World Cup Striker (ワールドカップストライカー)


01Title Screen05:13
02National Anthem of Argentina00:09
03National Anthem of Australia00:08
04National Anthem of Belgium00:09
05National Anthem of Bolivia00:09
06National Anthem of Brazil00:09
07National Anthem of Bulgaria00:09
08National Anthem of Cameroon00:09
09National Anthem of Colombia00:09
10National Anthem of England00:09
11National Anthem of France00:09
12National Anthem of Germany00:09
13National Anthem of Greece00:08
14National Anthem of Holland00:08
15National Anthem of Italy00:09
16National Anthem of Denmark00:09
17National Anthem of Japan00:09
18National Anthem of Mexico00:10
19National Anthem of Morocco00:09
20National Anthem of Northern Ireland00:09
21National Anthem of Nigeria00:09
22National Anthem of Norway00:08
23National Anthem of the Republic of Ireland00:09
24National Anthem of Romania00:09
25National Anthem of Russia00:10
26National Anthem of Saudi Arabia00:09
27National Anthem of South Korea00:11
28National Anthem of Scotland00:09
29National Anthem of Spain00:08
30National Anthem of Sweden00:10
31National Anthem of Switzerland00:10
32National Anthem of the United States00:13
33National Anthem of Wales00:12
34Begin Game00:04
35Tournament Champions!04:43
36Rage Squad's Main Theme00:10
37Gametek's Main Theme00:09
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