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NTSC Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday

Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday
Composer: Kev Bruce, Jez
Developer: Phoenix Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: Acclaim
Released: 1995
Dumper: YK
Tagger: YK

Project pphh version 1.02 released on 2010-10-06, 88 tracks, 246kb, downloaded 4133 times

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PAL Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday


101Sunsoft Fanfare00:07
102Looney Theme00:21
103Nightmare Vacation00:27
104Start of the Nightmare01:57
105Christmas Nightmare?00:54
106The Haunted Forest09:35
107The Spiraling Tree01:14
108Spooky Sid01:06
109Ghost Busted00:03
110World of Nightmares!00:55
111Gate of the Ghost Town00:37
112Dry Gulch Town05:38
113Six Shootin' Sheriff Sam00:53
114Sheriff's Funeral Dirge00:16
115Dangerous Lake01:37
116The Sunken Ship02:50
117Ruins of Atlantis05:32
118Willie Great White00:57
119Canned Tuna00:10
120Outside the Mines00:39
121The Abandoned Mine05:22
122Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Tweety01:12
123Sorry, Tweety00:03
124The Snowy Alps04:08
125Something Strange in Wackyland06:11
126Monster Max00:45
127Snowman Melted00:05
128Castle Gates00:35
129Creepy Courtyard03:19
130Inside the Creepy Castle07:11
131The Chaos Machine00:26
132Short Circuit00:04
133The Nightmare is Over...?00:17
134Eyes in the Darkness00:05
135That's The End00:09
136That's All, Folks!00:11
137I'm Falling!00:06
138The Haunted Forest (No Intro)09:06
139Eerie Fanfare00:05
140Super Robot Battle02:28
141Machine Crash00:08
142Whistle of Danger01:45
143Strange Theme 102:15
144Strange Theme 201:22
145Strange Theme 302:37
146Crazy Dancing01:06
147Ghost Rumbling01:50
148Fearful Situation01:19
149Haunted Pipe Organ00:48
150Haunting in Japan 101:27
151Haunting in Japan 201:28
152Haunting in Japan 301:28
153The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down00:14
155Mysterious Fanfare00:05
156Ghost's Whisper00:07
157Sound of Terror!00:08
201Sunsoft Fanfare00:07
202World of Nightmares!01:33
203Nightmare Vacation00:26
204The Haunted Forest01:58
205The Spiraling Tree02:03
206Spooky Sid00:19
207Victory! (Version 1)00:04
208Gate of the Ghost Town00:12
209Dry Gulch Town00:51
210Six Shootin' Sheriff Sam00:57
211Victory! (Version 2)00:04
212Dangerous Lake02:04
213The Sunken Ship02:21
214Ruins of Atlantis03:19
215Willie Great White00:49
216Enter the Mines...00:05
217The Abandoned Mine02:36
218Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Tweety00:59
219The Snowy Alps01:44
220Something Strange in Wackyland01:59
221Monster Max00:33
222Castle Gates00:24
223Creepy Courtyard02:26
224Inside the Creepy Castle05:38
225The Chaos Machine00:16
226The Nightmare is Over...?00:29
227That's All, Folks!00:12
228Extra Life!00:01
229I'm Falling!00:03
230Unused Jingle 100:01
231Unused Jingle 200:01
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