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PAL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
Composer: Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Released: n/a
Dumper: SonicPanda
Tagger: SonicPanda

Project tit version 1.01 released on 2004-05-09, 42 tracks, 141kb, downloaded 4611 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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01Turtle Power00:21
02Turtle Select00:23
03The Lady Liberty Vanishes00:19
04Big Apple, 3 A.M.01:46
05Alleycat Blues01:41
06Sewer Surfin'01:34
07The Technodrome Appears00:08
08Technodrome ~ Let's Kick Shell!01:52
09Going Up01:20
10Shredder's Trump Card00:15
11Turning Back the Clock00:07
12Prehistoric Turtlesaurus01:42
13Let's Do the Time Warp Again00:13
14Skull & Crossbones02:26
15Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee01:42
16Neon Night-Riders01:27
17Star Base ~ Where No Turtle Has Gone Before01:37
18Climactic Battle01:13
19Technodrome ~ The Final Shell Shock01:32
20Bouncing Back00:16
22All Clear!00:04
23Signing Off00:10
24Try Harder00:22
25Flying High01:03
26Warming Up00:40
27Under Pressure01:09
28In the Nick of Time00:25
29Sparring Match01:30
30Eye of the Turtle00:51
31Thanks For the Memories01:33
v-02"Big Apple, 3 A.M."00:02
v-03"Alleycat Blues"00:02
v-04"Sewer Surfin'"00:02
v-05"Technodrome ~ Let's Kick Shell!"00:03
v-06"Prehistoric Turtlesaurus"00:03
v-07"Skull & Crossbones"00:02
v-08"Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee"00:02
v-09"Neon Night-Riders"00:02
v-10"Star Base ~ Where No Turtle Has Gone Before"00:03
v-11"Technodrome ~ The Final Shell Shock"00:03
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