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SatellaView Chrono Trigger: Character Library
??????? ????????
Chrono Trigger: Character Library
Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square
Released: n/a
Dumper: YK
Tagger: Datschge, YK

Project ct version 1.03 released on 2007-12-11, 92 tracks, 318kb, downloaded 5695 times

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102aChrono Trigger02:00
102bChrono Trigger (Looped)01:21
103Morning Sunlight00:37
104Peaceful Days02:41
105Memories of Green03:46
106Guardia Millennial Fair03:09
107Gato's Song00:29
108A Strange Happening01:31
109Wind Scene03:15
111Secret of the Forest04:34
112Battle 101:36
113Courage and Pride03:20
115Manoria Cathedral00:36
116A Prayer to the Road that Leads00:10
117Silent Light02:12
118Boss Battle 101:19
119Frog's Theme01:09
120Fanfare 100:39
121Kingdom Trial03:35
122aThe Hidden Truth00:57
122bThe Hidden Truth (Looped)00:59
123A Shot of Crisis01:50
201Ruined World02:28
202Mystery of the Past00:05
203Lab 16's Ruin01:23
204aPeople Without Hope02:56
204bPeople Without Hope (Variant 1)02:56
204cPeople Without Hope (Variant 2)02:56
205aLavos' Theme01:29
205bLavos' Theme (Extended)04:58
206The Day the World Revived01:11
207Robo Gang Johnny01:26
208Bike Chase01:01
209Robo's Theme01:23
210Remains of the Factory03:00
211Battle 201:23
212Fanfare 200:05
213Brink of Time02:22
214Delightful Spekkio02:41
215Fanfare 300:03
216aUnderground Sewer02:12
216bUnderground Sewer (No Water)02:07
217Boss Battle 202:31
218Primitive Mountain03:00
219Ayla's Theme01:19
220Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth01:44
221Burn! Bobonga!01:25
222Magus' Castle00:26
223Confusing Melody01:09
224Battle with Magus02:50
301Singing Mountain01:57
302Tyran Castle03:45
303At the Bottom of Night02:23
304Corridors of Time02:52
305Zeal Palace03:47
306Schala's Theme02:35
307Sealed Door02:31
308Undersea Palace03:10
309Far Off Promise01:43
310Wings That Cross Time03:10
311Black Omen02:56
313World Revolution03:38
314Last Battle03:37
315First Festival of Stars02:37
316Epilogue ~ To Good Friends02:07
317To Far Away Times04:19
b01Rat-a-Tat-Tat It's... Mitsuda00:03
b02Unknown Fanfare00:15
s01Time Vortex04:04
s02Quiet Beach00:44
s03Leene's Bell00:17
s04Truce Canyon00:24
s05Prison Tower00:59
s06Strong Wind00:36
s07Mystic Chanting00:16
s08Rain and Flowing Water00:11
s10Fall of Zeal01:21
s12Ocean Waves00:45
s13Blackbird (Inside)00:16
s14Blackbird (Outside)00:18
s15aLavos Stirs00:18
s15bLavos Stirs (Faster)00:16
s16Breath of Lavos00:18
s17Voice of Lavos00:06
v01Ozzie Laugh00:02
v02Ozzie Scream00:04
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