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PAL Aladdin

Composer: Yuki Iwai, Yuko Takehara, Setsuo Yamamoto
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Released: n/a
Dumper: Excremedies, SonicPanda
Tagger: Datschge, SonicPanda

Project ala version 1.02 released on 2006-10-23, 39 tracks, 92kb, downloaded 4347 times

Download SPC Soundtrack

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01'Salaam and Good Evening'00:36
02'A Dark Man Waits...'00:48
03The Diamond in the Rough00:05
04Abu & the Lamp00:09
05Chosen Destiny00:02
06One Step Ahead01:21
07Seeds of Love00:45
08'Things Aren't Always What They Seem...'00:44
09The Cave of Wonders01:17
10Carpet Leads the Way00:08
11Aladdin Finds the Lamp00:17
12Abu Blows It00:33
13'You Will Never Again See the Light of Day!'00:34
14Escape of the Infidels00:56
15'Direct From the Lamp...'00:38
16The Genie's Lamp04:22
17Raiders of the Lost Monkey01:26
18Chimp in Tut's Clothing00:23
19Magic Carpet Ride01:30
20Storming Jafar's Palace01:27
21'Perfect Timing, As Usual'00:02
22'A Few Addendums...'00:09
23'Only in Trouble if You Get Caught...'00:36
24'I'm In Trouble'00:02
25'Say the Magic Word'00:36
26'Only One May Enter...'00:46
27'A Snake, Am I?'00:16
28'See How Snakelike I Can Be...'00:48
29'You Little Fool!'00:11
30'The Most Powerful Being On Earth'00:38
31'Phenomenal Cosmic Power...'00:15
32'...Itty-Bitty Living Space'00:10
33'You'll Always Be a Prince to Me'02:18
34'Group Hug!'01:24
35A Whole New World03:16
s01It's Break Time!00:44
s02Got a Boost!00:02
s03Got an Extra Chance!00:03
s04Got an Extra Wish!00:03
s05A Moment's Rest00:01
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