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PAL Games ~ D

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PAL Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions SPC
Publisher: Sunsoft
Developer: Icom
 Composer: Jim Hedges

PAL Darius Twin SPC
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
 Composers: Norihiro Furukawa, Pochi

PAL Daze Before Christmas SPC
Publisher: Sunsoft
Developer: Eurocom
 Composers: Kim Morten Jensen, Geir Tjelta

PAL Death and Return of Superman SPC
Developer: Blizzard
 Composers: Glenn Stafford, Michael Morhaime

PAL Demolition Man SPC
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Alexandria
 Composer: Devin Hurd

PAL Demon's Crest SPC
Developer: Capcom
 Composer: Toshihiko Horiyama

PAL Dennis SPC
 Composer: Keith Tinman

PAL Desert Fighter SPC
Developer: Opus
 Composer: Jun Enoki

PAL Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf SPC
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Visual Concepts
 Composer: Brian Schmidt

PAL Dino City SPC
Publisher: Irem
Developer: Smart Egg Pictures
 Composer: Hiroshi Kimura

PAL Dino Dini's Soccer SPC
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Developer: Eurocom
 Composers: Steve Duckworth, Neil Baldwin

PAL Dirt Racer SPC
Publisher: Elite
Developer: Motivetime
 Composer: Tony Williams

PAL Dirt Trax FX SPC
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Sculptured Software
 Composers: Mark Ganus, Kingsley Thurber

PAL Donald in Maui Mallard SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Eurocom
 Composers: Michael Giacchino, Patrick J. Collins, Steve Duckworth

PAL Donkey Kong Country SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
 Composers: David Wise, Eveline Novakovic, Robin Beanland

PAL Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
 Composer: David Wise

PAL Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
 Composers: Eveline Novakovic, David Wise

Publisher: Ocean
Developer: Sculptured Software
 Composer: Bobby Prince

PAL Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls SPC
Developer: Tradewest
 Composer: Rob Atesalp

PAL Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension SPC
Developer: TOSE
 Composers: Takano, Nakajima, Tonkupon, Chatrita

PAL Dragon Ball Z: La Legende Saien SPC
Developer: TOSE
 Composers: Kenji Yamamoto (2), SWITCH-E, Kumatarou

PAL Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden SPC
Developer: TOSE
 Composers: Kenji Yamamoto (2), Kumagorou

PAL Dragon Ball Z: Ultime Menace SPC
Developer: TOSE
 Composers: Kenji Yamamoto (2), Amayang, Chatrasch, SWITCH-E

PAL Dragon's Lair SPC
Developer: Motivetime
 Composers: Robert Mann, Chris Davison, Mark Cooksey

PAL Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story SPC
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Developer: Virgin Interactive
 Composer: Allister Morten Brimble

PAL Drakkhen SPC
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Kemco
 Composers: Hiroyuki Masuno, LSVD Programmer

PAL Dungeon Master SPC
Publisher: JVC
Developer: FTL
 Composers: Tsukasa Tawada, Hikoshi Hashimoto

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