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NTSC Games ~ I

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NTSC Ignition Factor SPC
Publisher: Jaleco
 Composers: Takahiro Ogata, Saika Chan

NTSC Illusion of Gaia SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Quintet
 Composer: Yasuhiro Kawasaki

NTSC Imperium SPC
Publisher: Vic Tokai
Developer: Jorudan
 Composers: Tenpei Sato, Tatsuya Sato, Hiroki Uematsu

NTSC Incantation SPC
Publisher: Titus
Developer: Titus
NTSC Incredible Crash Dummies
NTSC Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures SPC
Publisher: JVC
Developer: Factor 5
 Composers: Rudolf Stember, John Williams

NTSC Inindo: Way of the Ninja SPC
Publisher: Koei
 Composer: Hiori Wakakuwa

NTSC Inspector Gadget SPC
Publisher: Hudson
Developer: Forty-Five
 Composers: Kennosuke Suemura, Saori Kobayashi

NTSC International Superstar Soccer SPC
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
 Composers: Harumi Ueko, Hideyuki Eto

NTSC International Superstar Soccer Deluxe SPC
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
 Composers: Hideyuki Eto, Harumi Ueko, Tomoya Tomita

NTSC International Tennis Tour SPC
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Loriciel
 Composer: Michel Winogradoff

NTSC Irem Skins Game
NTSC Itchy and Scratchy Game SPC
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: BITS Studios
 Composer: Shahid Ahmad

NTSC Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings SPC
Publisher: U.S. Gold
Developer: Alexandria
 Composer: Devin Hurd

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