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PAL K.H. Rummenigge's Player Manager SPC
Publisher: Imagineer
 Composer: Koji Hayashi

PAL Kawasaki Superbike Challenge SPC
Developer: Lankhor
 Composers: Mike Ash, Probe

PAL Kevin Keegan's Player Manager SPC
Publisher: Imagineer
 Composer: Koji Hayashi

PAL Kick Off SPC
Publisher: Imagineer
 Composers: David Whittaker, Koji Hayashi

PAL Kick Off 3: European Challenge SPC
Publisher: Vic Tokai
 Composer: Koji Hayashi

PAL Kid Klown in Crazy Chase SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
 Composers: S. Furuta, Y. Orishige, Musica Presto

PAL Killer Instinct SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
 Composers: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate

PAL King Arthur's World SPC
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: Argonaut
 Composers: Martin Simpson, Justin Scharvona

PAL King of the Monsters SPC
Developer: SNK
PAL Kirby's Dream Course SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL Laboratory
 Composer: Hirokazu Ando

PAL Kirby's Fun Pak SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL Laboratory
 Composers: Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa

PAL Kirby's Ghost Trap SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Compile
 Composers: Einosuke Nagao, Hirokazu Ando

PAL Krusty's Super Funhouse SPC
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Audiogenic
 Composers: David Whittaker, Nu Romantic Productions

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