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NTSC-J Super Hanafuda 2
Beta Super High Impact SPC
Developer: Beam
 Composer: Marshall Parker

NTSC Super High Impact SPC
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Beam
 Composer: Marshall Parker

NTSC-J Super High Impact SPC
Publisher: Acclaim
Developer: Beam
 Composer: Marshall Parker

PAL Super Hockey
NTSC-J Super Hockey '94 SPC
Publisher: Yonezawa PR21
Developer: Opera House
 Composers: Hayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto

NTSC-J Super Honnmei G1 Seiha
PAL Super Ice Hockey SPC
 Composers: Hayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto

NTSC-J Super Igo Goou
NTSC-J Super Indy Champ SPC
Publisher: Forum
Developer: Opensystem
 Composer: K. Yamamoto

NTSC-J Super Inindo: Datou Nobunaga SPC
Publisher: Koei
 Composer: Hiori Wakakuwa

PAL Super International Cricket SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Beam
 Composer: Marshall Parker

Beta Super James Pond SPC
 Composer: Richard Joseph

NTSC Super James Pond SPC
Publisher: American Softworks
Developer: Vectordean
 Composer: Richard Joseph

NTSC-J Super James Pond 2 SPC
Publisher: Victor
Developer: Vectordean
 Composer: Richard Joseph

PAL Super James Pond II SPC
 Composer: Keith Tinman

NTSC-J Super Jinsei Game
NTSC-J Super Jinsei Game 2
NTSC-J Super Jinsei Game 3
NTSC-J Super Keiba
NTSC-J Super Keiba 2
NTSC-J Super Keirin
NTSC-J Super Kick Boxing SPC
Publisher: Electro Brain
Developer: Loriciel
 Composers: Michel Winogradoff, Vincent Baillet

NTSC-J Super Kick Off SPC
Publisher: Misawa Entertainment
 Composers: David Whittaker, Koji Hayashi

NTSC-J Super Kokou Yakyuu: Ichikyuu Jikkon SPC
Publisher: I'Max
 Composer: Mitsuhito Tanaka

NTSC-J Super Kyosoba: Kaze no Sylphid
NTSC-J Super Kyotei
NTSC-J Super Kyotei 2
NTSC-J Super Kyukyoku Harikiri Stadium SPC
Publisher: Taito
 Composer: Sanae Kasahara

NTSC-J Super Kyukyoku Harikiri Stadium 2

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