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NTSC Strike Gunner S.T.G SPC
Publisher: NTVIC
Developer: Athena
 Composers: Shotaro Sasaki, Koichi Ishibashi

NTSC Stunt Race FX SPC
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
 Composer: Shinobu Amayake

NTSC Sunset Riders SPC
Publisher: Konami
 Composer: Naohisa Morota

NTSC Super Adventure Island SPC
Publisher: Hudson
Developer: Produce!
 Composer: Yuzo Koshiro

NTSC Super Adventure Island 2 SPC
Publisher: Hudson
 Composers: Akihiro Akamatsu, Sachiko Oita, Shinji Nakaya

NTSC Super Alfred Chicken SPC
Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: Twilight
 Composer: Mark Knight

NTSC Super Aquatic Games Starring the Aquabats SPC
Publisher: Seika Corp.
Developer: Millennium Interactive
 Composer: Richard Joseph

NTSC Super Baseball 2020 SPC
Publisher: Tradewest
Developer: Pallas
 Composers: J. Kuramochi, Hiroo Ikeda

NTSC Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 SPC
Publisher: Culture Brain
NTSC Super Bases Loaded SPC
Publisher: Jaleco
 Composer: Tatsuya

NTSC Super Bases Loaded 2 SPC
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: TOSE
 Composer: CMS Takeshi

NTSC Super Bases Loaded 3: License to Steal SPC
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: TOSE
 Composers: Shibikkun, Suitton, Gotton

NTSC Super Batter Up SPC
Publisher: Namco
 Composers: Yoshinori Kawamoto, Shinya Yamada

NTSC Super Battleship SPC
Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: Synergistic
 Composer: Christopher Barker

NTSC Super Battletank 2 SPC
Publisher: Absolute
Developer: Imagineering
 Composer: Jim Wallace

NTSC Super Black Bass SPC
Publisher: HOT-B
 Composer: Cube

NTSC Super Bomberman SPC
Publisher: Hudson
Developer: Produce!
 Composer: Jun Chikuma

NTSC Super Bomberman 2 SPC
Publisher: Hudson
Developer: Produce!
 Composer: Hirohiko Fukuda

NTSC Super Bonk SPC
Publisher: Hudson
 Composers: Masaaki Nishizawa, Keiji Ueki, Kennosuke Suemura

NTSC Super Bowling SPC
Publisher: American Technos
Developer: Athena
NTSC Super Buster Bros. SPC
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Mitchell
 Composers: Tetsuya Nishimura, Minae Fujii

NTSC Super Caesar's Palace SPC
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Developer: Illusions Gaming Company
 Composers: Tommy Tallarico, Steve Henefin

NTSC Super Castlevania IV SPC
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
 Composers: Masanori Adachi, Taro Kudou

NTSC Super Chase H.Q. SPC
Publisher: Taito
Developer: Taito
 Composers: Yasuhisa Watanabe, Naoto Yagishita

NTSC Super Conflict: The Mideast SPC
Publisher: Vic Tokai
Developer: Manley & Associates
 Composer: Robert Ridihalgh

NTSC Super Double Dragon SPC
Publisher: Tradewest
Developer: Technos Japan
 Composer: Kazunaka Yamane

NTSC Super Gameboy SPC
 Composers: Akito Nakatsuka, Naoto Ishida

NTSC Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts SPC
Publisher: Capcom
 Composer: Mari Yamaguchi

NTSC Super Goal! 2
NTSC Super Godzilla SPC
Publisher: Toho
 Composers: Michiharu Hasuya, Junko Yokoyama

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