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Camelot Software Planning (株式会社キャメロット)
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Camelot Software Planning (株式会社キャメロット)


Camelot Software Planning was established on 1994, April 4th and resides in Tokyo and is currently headed by Hiroyuki Takahashi. The company was formed by his younger brother Shugo Takahashi who, unlike his older brother, left Sega for working independently, first for Sony and now for Nintendo. His founding member was Masaaki Uno who left Wolfteam before and took Motoi Sakuraba with him, who again exclusively composed the music of all Camelot games since. With funding by Sony Camelot created Beyond the Beyond and Minna no Golf, the former suffering on a hastened schedule and the latter being taken away to ClapHanz. After the colaboratory work on Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Force 3 and a dispute with Sega Hiroyuki's Sonic Software Planning team, which was responsible for the whole Shining series up to then, joined Camelot. The company is financially independence and having its games published by Sony, Nintendo and Capcom.