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Masaaki Uno (宇野正明)
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Masaaki Uno (宇野正明)

Born on 12th of March in 1964, startet at Wolfteam in 1987 and worked there first as composer, then director and producer (next to Masahiro Akishino and Joe Asanuma) and as general coordinator. He is most likely the one who lured Motoi Sakuraba into the video game industry for doing music there for years to come. He also has been producer of a couple of game soundtrack CD's. He had been member of the Sergeant Wolf band while it existed. Since 1994 he's member of Camelot Software Planning, doing coordination and sound direction for most if not all games by Camelot since. He's often mentioned on the Camelot website for keeping the shop running and generally being an punctual pest to everyone. His hobbies seem to be motorbikes and Genghis Khan, and he's rumored to have done one particular female voice in Mario Tennis 64. =)

Website (kind of)