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Glodia Music Vol. 1: All Sounds of Emerald Dragon
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Glodia Music Vol. 1: All Sounds of Emerald Dragon

Glodia's first "original soundtrack", this Datam release contains original music from the FM-TOWNS version of the game. The sample quality of this version lies many feet above that of the PC-88, PC-98, X68000, MSX, SFC, and even PC-Engine version of the game (the SFC and PC-Engine versions used other, far inferior compositions though). The choice of tunes is also very good, this version includes the original Nobuhito Koise / Hiromi Okamura tunes, as well as a couple of later Tenpei Sato tunes. Abreath Nakamura arranged all the music, in exception of Sato's tunes, for this FM-TOWNS game, which most likely used redbook audio instead of sequenced.

Glodia Music Vol. 2: All Sounds of Vain Dream was released about a year after this one, it sounds just the same on the sample-side, as it was arranged , and partly composed, by Nakamura himself.

If I understand the booklet right, Datam / Glodia initially planned 5 "Goldia Music" releases:

  1. All Sounds of Emerald Dragon
  2. All Sounds of Vain Dream
  3. Zavas II
  4. Vain Dream II
  5. Best Selection (besuto serekeshijoso)

Out of these, only the two first were released. Vain Dream II also saw a CD release, through Vain Dream II + Die Bahnwelt Full Arrange Version, and was released by Datam, it didn't have "Glodia Music Vol. 4" written anywhere. Zavas II never saw any soundtrack release, neither did that "Best Selection". It might be worth mentioned that Right Stuff got such a selection through Blue - Best of Right Stuff.


  1. オープニング序曲
  2. オープニング天変地異
  3. オープニング回想1
  4. オープニング回想
  5. オープニング永久なるもの
  6. オープニングメインテーマ
  7. 城内
  8. 冒険開始
  9. 洞窟
  10. 試練
  11. ショップ1
  12. ショップ2
  13. 苦悩
  14. 勝利
  15. アクティブ
  16. ショップ3
  17. 再会(エンディング)
  18. 形勢不利
  19. ピンチ
  20. 戦いの後に
  21. ロック
  22. 街1
  23. 街2
  24. 黄昏
  25. 戦闘1
  26. 戦闘1
  27. 戦闘3
  28. エンディング




The disc says PSCX-1044, and the cover inserts says PSCR-5216.